The Two “Secret Formulas” of Marketing and Storytelling

Jun 29, 2023 | Podcast

In this episode, Steve and Al discuss the differences between direct response marketing and brand advertising and which strategy is best for growing your business. They cover:

• The key differences between direct response and brand marketing in terms of goals, costs, tracking effectiveness and more.

• How direct response works by always having an offer, compelling copy and testing campaigns to optimize performance.

• Examples of how brand advertising often relies on creating feelings and associations rather than direct response.

• How direct response marketing enables you to make money immediately while brand takes longer to build loyalty and recognition.

• Ways you can utilize both direct response and brand marketing by starting with direct response to fund brand advertising efforts.

• How content creators, writers and artists can market themselves through educational content that still ultimately drives revenue.

• The importance of putting your work out in public to garner the attention of publishers, fans and customers.

• Tips for providing value first through ‘how to’ videos, blog posts, tutorials and more to build an audience before trying to sell your products or services.

They discuss anecdotes, stories and case studies to illustrate key points around marketing effectively through either direct response or brand strategies. Overall, this episode provides practical tips and insights for small business owners, content creators and anyone looking to market a skill, talent or product online.

The world of “story” has captivated humanity since the dawn of time. The oldest known form of communication, verbal storytelling is responsible for the continuity and development of civilization from its most primitive moments to its most advanced. Story invokes a sense of mystical wonder, but is also a powerful medium for communicating real and concrete ideas that shape people’s lives and make them take action. Steve Schramm (Marketer, Non-Fiction Writer, and Story Nerd) and Alex Giguere (Fiction Writer, Wannabe Game Designer, and Story Nerd) join forces as worlds collide to discuss how “story” is the most powerful concept ever known, and how it interacts with each and every aspect of our lives — from the most magical to the most mundane.

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