What did I just watch…? | Hot Fuzz Movie Review

Jul 13, 2023 | Podcast

In this episode, Steve and Alex review the 2007 British comedy film Hot Fuzz directed by Edgar Wright. They discuss the hilarious humor, clever writing, over-the-top violent scenes, and stunts in miniature sets. They praise the performances of Simon Pegg as Nicholas Angel and Jim Broadbent as Inspector Frank Butterman.

Steve and Alex agree the plot is excellent for a comedy film, managing to incorporate elements of buddy cop, slasher, and action genres while still staying grounded in humor. The emotional response the film evokes – mainly shock and laughter – earns it high marks. The guest cameos and characters bringing the script to life also impress them.

In terms of category intent, Hot Fuzz nails every genre it attempts – comedy, action, slasher, and buddy cop. Overall, Steve and Alex rate the film a “steak” – the highest score on their MEAT-O-METER scale – praising it as one of the best movies they have ever seen. They both expressed a desire to immediately rewatch the film after finishing it the first time.

They also briefly discuss the new social media platform Threads. While acknowledging Threads has gained popularity initially, they are skeptical of it due to issues like lack of ability to delete accounts and excessive data collection. Steve and Alex disagree on their opinions of the newest Indiana Jones film and the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

Hope you enjoy the episode! Let Steve and Alex know what you think of Hot Fuzz and their discussion in the comments.

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