Please be advised that in this lesson, I erroneously confused intrabaraminic diversification with interbaraminic diversification. Intrabaraminic diversification has to do with the diversification of species within a created kind. Interbaraminic diversification has to do with alleged variation between the biblical kinds.


As we attempt to accurately give our position as creationists, it’s vital that we understand how evolutionists use certain terms. (Hint: It’s often much different than how we use them!) This in mind, we’ll examine three popular words, their common misuse, and some helpful alternatives.

In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  1. What is meant by the term “evolution.”
  2. The best definition of a biblical “kind” and how to apply it to our observations of the natural worlds.
  3. The misconceptions involved with the term “species”, and why speciation is NOT evolution.

Mentioned in this lesson:

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