In a recent article I wrote for The Creation Club, I examined the major problem with “science vs. the Bible thinking.” That discussion led naturally to another question I received recently.

The question goes like this:

“At what point would I allow modern science to dictate my understanding of the Bible?”

I provided my answer in the article; but I wanted to parse out my thinking and expand upon my reasoning for answering the way that I did. That answer is the subject matter of today’s lesson.

In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  1. Why the way this question is worded reveals a fundamental flaw in the process of hermenuetics.
  2. The big difference between allowing the Bible to dictate things about science and allowing science to dictate things about the Bible, and three biblical examples that help make my point.
  3. How to carefully point out the difference between a “ministerial” and “magisterial” use of extrabiblical information.

Mentioned in this lesson:

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