When we think of the name “Jesus” any number of images immediately come to mind.

We think of Jesus as the One who died for us. We think of him as the Lord of all and Savior-King. We think of him as the baby, lying in a manger, wrapped in swaddling clothes.

But what rarely crosses our minds is a startling truth about Jesus that the Bible is anything but silent about.

In fact, it’s central to John’s theology and grounds his arguments in the entire first chapter of his book.

The fact is—Jesus is the creator and he is the sustainer of all things, visible and invisible.

As we continue in our John series, we are looking at this aspect of Jesus, the Word, and how other biblical authors “hyperlinked” back to this theme.

Here’s the link to listen in: https://www.steveschramm.com/jesus-creator-sustainer/

Enduring Together,