How to Become an Informed Young Age Creationist

Apr 27, 2023 | Creation

Struggling to bridge the gap between creationist academics and everyday believers? In this episode of the Winsome Creationist podcast, Steve is joined by Zach Klein, a software engineer with a passion for creationism. Zach is involved with the Missouri Association for Creation, where he serves as a speaker, organizes field trips, and writes about creationism. Together, they tackle the importance of being an informed creationist and offer some practical ways to increase your knowledge and effectiveness without getting overwhelmed.

Listen as they provide a plan to help you:

  • Bridge the gap between academics and the average person
  • Offer accurate information and prevent misleading people
  • Foster a deeper understanding of creationism based on God’s Word

Ignoring this issue can lead to confusion and even a weakened faith if you’re not careful. However, embracing this plan will empower you to honor God as the ultimate source of truth and build a stronger foundation for your faith.

Don’t miss this enlightening conversation with Zach! Tune in to the Winsome Creationist podcast and take the first step towards becoming an informed creationist today.

Meet Steve

Meet Steve

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