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FROM: Steve Schramm
Statesville, NC

Think about it: Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus left earth for heaven…

He left us one mission…

One “real job” to do in order to accomplish his purposes…

What did he ask?

Of ALL things…

He told introverts like me to tell other people about him.


Y’know, if you are anything like me, you find it incredibly hard to witness. (I’m raising my hand!)

Can you relate?

Maybe you have found yourself in a situation like this:

You’re minding your business waiting for your double-triple-boca-raton-choco-taco-latte from Starbucks, and the Holy Spirit “taps you on the shoulder.” ‘Psst…hey, you should go witness to that guy.’ And what you do?…

You get your coffee and. just. leave.

Now— I could condemn you for that.

Or, I could say, ya know, I’ve been there. I get it.

…The thing is—you really don’t like this about yourself, am I right?

In fact, you probably get a little jealous when you hear stories of others who can BOLDLY witness to strangers as though they were best friends.

I’m right there with you. I have felt that pain. And as a total introvert myself…with a strong desire to see people come to know Christ…I decided I MUST learn, for myself, how to share Christ in a way that fit with MY personality style.


“It’s Not Supposed to be This Way…”


My name is Steve Schramm. I am a Christian writer and the author of 3 books on sharing Christianity… with an “intense passion” for Christ and sharing his message everywhere I go.

But—like you, I find it VERY hard to witness “cold turkey” like I described above.

In fact — for most of my entire life, I was told that I was not being obedient to God’s will if I wasn’t…

  • Actively visiting homes…going door to door…to tell people about Jesus
  • Handing out gospel tracts to nearly every person I ran into (even if I had never seen or met them before)
  • Going on weekly visitation to tell people in a “militaristic” way about Christ…

And all I could think was… “It’s not supposed to be this way…”

So I did a lot of praying, a lot of studying, and a lot of learning and searching to find out just HOW I could be like one of those guys—fearlessly passionate about sharing Christ with others…while not pretending to be someone I wasn’t.

Today I comfortably and passionately share my journey with Jesus nearly every single day, all without awkward conversations … knocking on a stranger’s door … or coming across as a religious zealot.

Let me introduce you to a book I’ve written where I show you exactly how to do the same thing.

God, the Great Commission, and You is a small, readable, yet info-packed book about how to witness EFFECTIVELY in a backwards culture like ours, all without using pressure tactics or making yourself seem better than other people.

Don’t even think that’s possible? I’d probably be skeptical too.

Here’s a “small sampling” of what I’ll share with you…

  • A secret kind of way that information has been communicated for thousands of years, and how it has helped everyone from Jesus Christ to George Lucas to Donald Trump promote their message…
  • The #1 reason that Yahweh—the God of the Bible—is entirely unique from every other concept of God…and why that matters.
  • What you, me, God, and Luke Skywalker have in common that makes it “easy as pie” to witness.
  • Why Jesus left humanity with the hardest job for 40% of ALL humans to do…
  • How a quote from a “world-renowned” atheist…who’s too afraid to even debate Christian peers…and calls God “a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser” can change EVERYTHING about how you talk to people about Christ.
  • The REAL truth about what it means to be made in God’s “image.”
  • The “certifiably insane” belief that makes 97 out of every 100 scientists wonder whether or not they even exist.
  • Did you know that, despite popular opinion, one of the “most successful” and “widely-believed” scientific models today was resisted because it was such powerful evidence for God? Find out what it is on page 12.
  • The “most-ignored” passage related to evangelism in the entire Bible…and why, if more people knew about it, you could witness to 10 times the number you do today (without any “awkward” conversations)
  • What Walt Disney and Gene Roddenberry knew that EVERY human wants (and why only those who believe in Christ will get it…)
  • Most Christian teachers are 100% wrong about the biblical teaching on rewards…we explore why in chapter 2…and what to believe instead.
  • The “hidden in plain sight” teaching from the Apostles… that not a single person is truly responsible for bringing people to Christ.
  • And SO much more…

God, The Great Commission, And You Will Help You How To Understand Who God Is, How We Relate To Him, And What To Say To Others When Sharing His Message.


Here’s what Bill Eckler—who has spent the last 34 years of his life in Christian ministry—had to say about the book:

Totally awesome book! Recommend all Christians to purchase and read!

If you’ll take what I have written to heart…and test it against the real biblical teaching about how to share Christ with others…you are virtually guaranteed to become a FEARLESS and EXCITED witness…

whether you’re “the life of the party” or so shy you’d happily spend the rest of your life watching PureFlix and eating cheetos.

I worked for many, many hours on this book…and frankly, it’s a result of the last four years of “intense, focused study” around the topics of evangelism and defending Christianity against skeptical attacks…

But today I want to make you a deal, k?

If you promise to read the entire thing…

And you promise to take what it teaches SERIOUSLY and start using it RIGHT AWAY to share Christ with others…

…then I’ll PAY for the book to be printed and give it to you for FREE. All you have to do is pay a small fee for shipping and handling…

What I’m saying is…yes, I took the time to write the book…

But I also believe in the message SO MUCH and want you to read it SO BADLY that the most important thing to me is getting it in your hands ASAP.

How does that sound? Do we have a deal? Do you think that’s a fair offer?

If so, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Simply enter your name in the first couple of boxes.
  2. Send me the address where you’d like for me to ship the physical book.
  3. Enter your billing details in the final set of boxes to cover the 7.95 shipping fee.

And I’ll send the book to you right away.

Now—you might be thinking something like this:

Steve, you’ve made some pretty bold promises here…what happens if I HATE the book?”

Well—if you do—you will literally be the FIRST person to tell me…

But I totally understand and want to honor your time. So here is my 100% unconditional money back guarantee to you:

If you absolutely hate the book and think reading it has been a waste of your time…and that it did not help transform your witnessing efforts and change everything about the way you share Christ with others…then all you have to do is write me an email at steve@steveschramm.com and tell me that you thought the book was a waste of time. Then, you can keep the book and I will instantly refund your card for the shipping and handling fee.

To make sure you know I’m serious…I’ll even shoot you a PDF copy of another book I wrote to make up for wasting your time…

Again, if that sounds like a “risk” worth taking…here’s how to get your free copy shipped right to your doorstep right away:

  1. Simply enter your name in the first couple of boxes.
  2. Send me the address where you’d like for me to ship the physical book.
  3. Enter your billing details in the final set of boxes to cover the 7.95 shipping fee.

Go ahead and do it now so I can get the book in the mail.

I can’t wait for you to read it!!!

Enduring Together,

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