Rating Movies by Cuts of Meat

Join Steve and Alex as they rate and rank movies based on types of meat on their very own “meat-o-meter” scale. In this fun, lighthearted episode, they go through several movies they’ve watched recently like Rocket Man, The...

The Big Screen: Memento Movie Review

On this episode of the Storyworld Podcast, hosts Steve and Alex engage in a lively discussion about Christopher Nolan's film, 'Memento.' They explore the movie's unique non-linear narrative, where scenes are presented in...

The Bible is the BEST Storybook

Have you ever wondered why the Bible tells such incredible stories? In this episode of the Story World Podcast, Steve and Alex dive into the fascinating concept of structural tension in the Bible and how it unfolds...

Tales from The Meat Tavern

In this laid-back episode of StoryWorld, Steve and Alex catch up on their year so far, filled with sicknesses, traveling, and contrasting their current pace with last year's rapid episode releases. They chat about their...

The “Secret Power” of ALL Storytelling

Join Steve and Al in this episode of the Story World Podcast as they delve into the fascinating concept of structural tension and its significance in storytelling. Discover how this intriguing concept, which Steve initially...

Meet Steve

Meet Steve

Hi, I’m Steve, an author, speaker, and Bible teacher with a heart for exploring God’s Word and God’s world.

I’m interested in the surprising connection between creation, theology, business, and storytelling. We explore those themes and more on this blog.

Be sure to browse the site for faith-affirming articles, book reviews, and podcasts!

The Podcast

The Podcast