What did I just watch…? | Hot Fuzz Movie Review

In this episode, Steve and Alex review the 2007 British comedy film Hot Fuzz directed by Edgar Wright. They discuss the hilarious humor, clever writing, over-the-top violent scenes, and stunts in miniature sets. They praise...

You Probably Didn’t Know THIS About Parables

We will be exploring eight of Jesus' parables over the coming episodes from three angles: the historical context at the time, the spiritual teachings Jesus was communicating, and universal life lessons we can apply today...

Reviewing the FULL Harry Potter Series

In this episode of the Storyworld Podcast, Steve and Alex discuss finally finishing the Harry Potter series, analyze the character development of Severus Snape, and give updates on what they’ve been working on recently....

Rating Movies by Cuts of Meat

Join Steve and Alex as they rate and rank movies based on types of meat on their very own “meat-o-meter” scale. In this fun, lighthearted episode, they go through several movies they’ve watched recently like Rocket Man, The...

The Big Screen: Memento Movie Review

On this episode of the Storyworld Podcast, hosts Steve and Alex engage in a lively discussion about Christopher Nolan's film, 'Memento.' They explore the movie's unique non-linear narrative, where scenes are presented in...

Meet Steve

Meet Steve

Hi, I’m Steve, an author, speaker, and Bible teacher with a heart for exploring God’s Word and God’s world.

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The Podcast