Is Gavin Right About “Is Genesis History?”

Gavin Ortlund from @TruthUnites is a gracious and kind Christian brother. I disagree with his take on origins though, and I think a response to his latest video critiquing Is Genesis History? is warranted. I hope all who see...

Why They Were REALLY Young Earth Creationists

Join me and guest Mark Ward in the Winsome Creationist podcast as we delve into New Testament passages supporting creationism. Explore Matthew 19 and Mark 10:6, where Jesus references Adam and Eve, with insights on Greek...

Tales of a Budding Epic Fantasy Writer

Welcome to the Storyworld Podcast! This time, we dive into Alex's world as a budding fantasy writer on an exciting journey. In this episode, we explore content creation, marketing, and Alex's approach to YouTube. Learn about...

Why Inglourious Basterds Is a Must-Watch Movie

In this episode of the Storyworld Podcast, we delve into Quentin Tarantino's exceptional approach to filmmaking, discussing his unique world-building skills, distinctive storytelling style, and the importance of setting...

Why Jesus’ Parables Aren’t What You Think

In this episode of the Storyworld Podcast, we explore the profound teachings of Jesus through parables and prophecy. We discuss how parables serve as a bridge to deeper spiritual truths, revealing their multi-faceted (and...

Meet Steve

Meet Steve

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