Todd Wood on Creationist Hyperevolution

In this episode of the Winsome Creationist, I discuss an article by Todd Wood titled "Give Me a Break - Ken Hams Hyper Evolution", which defends Ken Ham against the accusation of being a hyper-evolutionist. We delve into...

How to Become an Informed Young Age Creationist

Struggling to bridge the gap between creationist academics and everyday believers? In this episode of the Winsome Creationist podcast, Steve is joined by Zach Klein, a software engineer with a passion for creationism. Zach...

Do Old Earth Creationists HATE God?

Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of The Winsome Creationist Podcast. I truly appreciate your support and I hope you're enjoying these episodes as much as I am bringing them to you! In today's episode, we're...

Who CARES If Adam was Historical…?

In this episode of the Winsome Creationist, we dive into the intriguing debate surrounding the historical figure of Adam. We discuss different perspectives on Adam's existence, from young age creationism to evolutionary...

Thoughts on “The Quest” by Dr. Todd Wood

Feeling a little under the weather this week, sorry y'all! In the meantime, here's an episode of The Bible Nerd podcast recorded a while back dealing with Todd Wood's book called The Quest. Hope you enjoy! Here are the links...

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Meet Steve

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