How does creation show me…?

Creationists have far too long been focused on the wrong questions. If we spend all of our time demanding answers from God, instead of openly exploring his creation, we will craft answers that satisfy our doubts rather than...

The Place of Science in a Supernatural World

In this episode, we examine the question of whether believing in supernatural creation does away with the need for science. Some argue that if God created the world miraculously, then scientific study is pointless. However,...

The Beauty of God’s Creation w/ Pat Mingarelli

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Winsome Creationist podcast. This week, we're revisiting an interview from the archive, featuring my friend Pat Mingarelli. An ardent creation enthusiast and a skilled photographer,...

Todd Wood on Creationist Hyperevolution

In this episode of the Winsome Creationist, I discuss an article by Todd Wood titled "Give Me a Break - Ken Hams Hyper Evolution", which defends Ken Ham against the accusation of being a hyper-evolutionist. We delve into...

Meet Steve

Meet Steve

Hi, I’m Steve, an author, speaker, and Bible teacher with a heart for exploring God’s Word and God’s world.

I’m interested in the surprising connection between creation, theology, business, and storytelling. We explore those themes and more on this blog.

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The Podcast

The Podcast